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BLATTATHOR Cockroach Trap


This attractive, disposable cardboard trap has a low profile making it easy to place in a variety of situations.


Each BLATTATHOR Cockroach Trap is versatile and can be used as either a single large trap, in areas of higher infestation; or it can be separated to form three small monitor traps, allowing you the opportunity to make more placements, which is particularly useful when monitoring to determine the effectiveness of your control program.


Each BLATTATHOR Cockroach Trap comes with 3 exclusively designed, high performance pheromone/food lure tablets, so you have enough lures to use in either the large trap configuration or three x smaller trap arrangement.


Tablets are provided in an easy to use blister pack to ensure freshness. They are simply placed inside the trap to attract cockroaches and other insect pests. Each lure will last at least 3 months.


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