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The Ultimate Vinegar Fly Trap – Out of Sight – Peace of Mind

Target Pests: Drosophila melanogaster Meigen


No maintenance or monitoring

Simply peel back the protective paper and start trapping.

Food-grade lure solution shown to attract 2.2 times more vinegar flies than other vinegar fly traps.


"No spill" conical trap design

The patented design prevents the solution from escaping from the trap if dropped or tipped upside down!


Adhesive backed holder (sold separately) allows you to trap vinegar flies anywhere! Underneath kitchen counters, sinks, tables, etc.

Conical trap design lures in vinegar flies but won't let them escape.


Clear design - you'll know when it's working!

The traps are clear so you can see the vinegar flies are being trapped.

Lure solution remains effective for 30 days. Dispose of in regular household waste and replace with fresh trap.


Optional VECTOTHOR Vinegar Fly Trap Bracket

Perfect for placing anywhere around kitchen or garbage areas for constant vinegar fly protection.


Allows you to hang trap upside down, sideways or secure placement on counters, sinks etc.




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