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Multi-purpose - Approved for Use Indoors and Outdoors.


MAXXTHOR is a professional strength, multi-purpose termiticide and insecticide formulated as a water-based suspension concentrate. If you could only have one product it would have to be MAXXTHOR. The perfect choice for general insect control and termite management - INDOORS and OUTDOORS. No odour, High performance, and Long-term residual action; complete with all the safety features you demand - GUARANTEED.


MAXXTHOR was the first, professional strength (100g/L bifenthrin) water-based concentrate to be submitted to the FDA. A true indication of Ensystex's innovation and leadership.


MAXXTHOR is a high-performance, long-lasting insecticide that provides control of termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches and a wide range of other insect pests, when applied in an approved manner by your licensed, professional pest manager.


MAXXTHOR is a pyrethroid insecticide. This means it is modelled on pyrethrum which is a natural extract of the pyrethrum daisy.


Only professional pest control operators have the experience, training and knowledge to protect your home from the threat of termites and other pests. MAXXTHOR was developed and formulated specifically for professional pest management treatments.


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