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The Resistance Fighter.


DELTATHOR PLUS is an aqueous (water-based) suspension concentrate using synergised deltamethrin. It is well documented that piperonyl butoxide as a synergist will both increase the potency of pyrethroids and combat insecticide resistance. This makes DELTATHOR PLUS the ideal choice when spraying for rapidly breeding pest species such as cockroaches, fleas, flies, etc. DELTATHOR PLUS is then activated with tetramethrin-R 25:75. This is the most biologically potent of the isomers of tetramethrin and is designed to provide you with exceptionally fast knockdown of pest species thus minimising their spread and ensuring rapid kill. And of course DELTATHOR PLUS comes with a written Quality Performance and Support Guarantee from Ensystex, your contractual agreement from Ensystex that we will be there to support you - ALWAYS! Deltamethrin has been registered in Australia for use by Pest Management Professionals since 1984, and personnel at Ensystex have been associated with the development and support of deltamethrin since before then, so you can be sure of quality advice and care.


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